3 Best WordPress Security Plugins

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3 Best Wordpress Security Plugins
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The issue of website hacking is very much common nowadays which cause serious issue to the business by damaging their reputation and revenue. Back in 2016 more than 50 million of website hacking cases were reported by the Google and the user are warned about the sites they visit might have malware or can access to your important information.
If you have a business website than it requires more attention toward wordpress security for that wordpress security plugins plays very important role.

Update Your WordPress
Update Your WordPress

It is an open source software, by default on regular basis its manage its updates. All the minor updates are installed in it automatically. Moreover, there are so many themes and plug-in for the security purpose. On regular basis their updates are release by the third party developers.

User need to make sure that all its plugins must be updated on time for the security and firmness of the website as such updates plays an important part.
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Generation of password and user permission
Generation Of Password And User Permission

Majorly websites are hacked through leaking and stealing of password. User can make it difficult by generating the strong and unique password. Many beginners find it difficult to remember the password. They can use the password manager to solve this issue.
This is very important to not provide the access to your WordPress admin account unless if you have the big team than firstly you need to have the knowledge about user roles and capabilities till you add new user account to wordpress site and new author. you can Generate a secure password from this link.

WordPress hosting Working
WordPress Hosting Working

WordPress hosting is one of the most important element in wordpress website security. Bluehost and sitegroud are the on take extra precautions to protect the website from the common threat and these type of hosting have by default WordPress Security Plugins for wordpress framework.

Mention is the points in which web-hosting works to secure the site.

  • On regular basis they monitor the website for doubtful activity
  • All the large companies have the security tool to secure it from large attacks of DDOS.
  • On regular basis they keep all the things updates like server, php and hardware’s etc.
  • In case of major accident they are ready to arrange the disaster recovery and plans.

WordPress Backup Solution
WordPress Backup Solution

The important factor against your wordpress attack is to do the backups. But the thing that must need to keep in mind that nothing is 100% secure. If some issue occur It help you to restore your website immediately.
There are so many backup wordpress plugins available which are free and few are paid.One thing that need to understand that to a remote location you must save full website backup on regular basis.
By using plugins like updraftplus and Blog Vault you can easily secure website. Both of them are easy to access and reliable.

Best WordPress Security Plugins
Best WordPress Security Plugins

After having the backup the thing that is most important is to manage the auditing and monitoring system because it will help you to track and record all the thing that are working on your website. Like failed login attempts, integrity monitoring and malware.

For this free sucuri security need to install by the user. Afterwards in wordpress admin check out the sucuri menu, generate the API key for free which enables integrity checking email alerts, audit logging etc.

Than click on the Hardening tab which secure all the key areas after wards the website is good enough protected.

Enabling of Web Application Firewall
Enabling of Web Application Firewall

By using the web application firewall user can get quite confident about security of its website. As it blocks the malicious traffic which come to your site.

DNS Level Website Firewall
DNS Level Website Firewall

Through their cloud proxy server this firewall help to route the traffic of website. Because of that only guanine traffic can reach out to your website.

Application Level Firewall
Application Level Firewall

Its examines the traffic but not that much effective as the DNS

 Shift your Site to SSL/HTTPS
Shift Your Site To SSL/HTTPS

Another way to secure your website is to encrypt the data through SSL (Secure Socket Layers) it encrypt data among website and the user browser which make difficult for the third person to hack the data.
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Use of a WordPress Security Plugins
Use Of A WordPress Security Plugins

Almost 18.5 million websites are affected by malware every week at any time. Moreover, around time an average website gets attacked each day rather its wordpress or non wordpress website.
If proper security measures are not taken for the wordpress websites than it can cause many serious issues to he business.

  • Hackers can take your information or the information having a place related to you and with your clients
  • A compromised site can be utilized to disperse noxious code to clueless clients and different sites.
  • You can lose information, lose admittance to your site, get locked out, or your information could be kept hostage
  • Your site can be damaged or defaced, which has impact on your SEO rankings and brand.

1. Sucuri

Sucuri is considered to be an industry leader in wordpress security. Being a number one security plugin in market it offers free plugins (sucuri security) which help in scanning of the website from the minor’s threat and keep website security harden.
However, the real fear of this wordpress security is its firewall protection. This wordpress firewall protect you from the brute force and malicious attacks by blocking them. It filter out all the bad traffic before it access the server. Along with their own CDN servers they serve static content.

2. Wordfence

In security plugins wordfence is also very popular as it offer the plugins for free, having a competent malware scanner treat assessment and use for detection.

It perform very efficiently automatically scan the threat before it reach the user website. Moreover whatever the time is user can perform a full scan or in case of any breach of security it notify the user and also gave instruction for fixing it. It includes the built in firewall, before the loading of server it runs. However its less effective than the firewall of DNS level

3. All In One WordPress Security plugin
All In One WordPress Security Plugin

This is an easy and basic wordpress security can be practiced on user website because it involve auditing, firewall plugins and monitoring also prevent from brute force attacks through feature of login lockdown
Includes so many advanced features like IP filtering, user account monitoring, file integrity monitoring, scan for suspicious patterns of database injection etc.
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